Monday, January 31, 2011

Bradford Community Watch Blog site Underway!

Hello Community Watch members,

As we discussed in in the first ever community watch meeting at the Bradford Public Library, one of the most important and vital elements for the success of this program is the maintenance of communication with everybody; as discussed at the meeting, too often there is not enough communication. So, with this in mind, and also being progressive as we are, this site has been developed to better suit the needs of a technological driven society, and thus enables you to post/report/discuss anything you see, hear, any and all instances that you would like to bring up, and anything related to the Bradford Community Watch, as well as a general discussion regarding safety, strategies,.. etc. about your certain area at any time, 24/7!

Remember, though times have changed and we rarely know our neighbors, we can take this opportunity to come together as a community over one simple and diverse tool: the internet.

Happy discussions and postings everyone!